The Company

Our Approach

Shooting Star Creativeworks, LLC


We're an independent production company specializing in feature films, television and music.


Located in the pastoral countryside of Bucks County, PA, Shooting Star Creativeworks is helmed by executive producers Bill Jacobs and John Killwey.


With a "creative family" of talented and dedicated artists and crafts people, Shooting Star Creativeworks brings stories to life with heart, soul, exceptional quality and a true respect for audiences of all ages.

It's An Amazing Time To Make Movies


Digital cinematography can now surpass the resolution and flexibility of film production (with the right equipment and talent, of course).  And like the early pioneers of filmmaking -- Méliès, Edison and Porter -- we have the opportunity to blaze new trails, throw out old rules, and discover new and exciting ways of putting great stories up on the big screen.


At Shooting Star Creativeworks, we believe that real talent can be found nearly anywhere -- and true dedication and desire can often times outshine experience.


And so, we strive to find local individuals with the passion and dream to be part of a filmmaking team:


Costume designers, hair and makeup, digital technicians, CGI artists, sound recordists. actors, voice over artists, musicians.


If you live in the Bucks County, PA vicinity and want to be a part of a creative, professional production family, we invite you to click HERE to learn more.

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